Themis Advocates Group Kicks Off “Themis Thursdays” With Webinar Featuring Christopher Darden

Gallagher Sharp LLP By Gallagher Sharp LLP

Gallagher Sharp is proud to be the Ohio and Michigan representative of Themis Advocates Group, a network of premier law firms who offer their clients trust, value, and innovation. We are extremely excited to invite our clients to the upcoming webinar titled “Trial By Attrition” which will feature Christopher Darden, the former O.J. Simpson prosecutor. During the presentation, Mr. Darden will discuss his experiences as a Los Angeles trial lawyer and what it was really like to be in the trenches in the 10-month long O.J. Simpson trial.

Mr. Darden will also touch on the emotional and physical toll lawyers experience in lengthy trials, jury selection, witness and evidence integrity, and the relevance of the Simpson verdict.