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A case changes when an appeal is filed.  The process of deciding an appeal is different from the process in a trial court.  Appellate opinions consider not only statutes and precedent, but also public policy.  An effective appellate attorney develops both legal and policy arguments and presents them persuasively in briefs and oral argument.  Experienced appellate advocates understand the intricacies of each appeal, why different standards of appellate review apply in different contexts, and whether deference will be given in any particular appeal to the trial court’s decision.

The Appellate Group at Gallagher Sharp is equipped to provide representation in every facet of post-trial activity and in any appeal. The Group prosecutes and defends appeals in the Supreme Court of Ohio and intermediate appellate courts in state and federal systems. A number of our appellate attorneys worked as appellate law clerks.

Gallagher Sharp’s appellate attorneys complement and assist all other practice groups and work in tandem with trial lawyers to develop winning strategies.  Appellate attorneys provide clarity when a client may choose between an immediate appeal or an appeal after trial, can ensure that issues are preserved for appeal, and can provide answers to other difficult questions.  The Gallagher Sharp Appellate Group can be an important part of your legal team.

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