School and Education Litigation

Unfortunately, the modern reality is that school operations present liabilities and risks unlike any other.  Gallagher Sharp attorneys understand that the risks and liabilities schools face can, and often do, involve intense public scrutiny and pressures. Schools and school administrators are called on to confront challenges beyond student learning, from catastrophic personal injury and property damage claims, to state and federal labor or civil rights matters, along with regulatory and compliance issues.

When litigation arises, Gallagher Sharp attorneys are prepared to represent and advise public and private educational institutions of all levels. We defend public school boards, private schools, and school administrators in complex litigation arising out of catastrophic events such as school shootings, sexual abuse claims, and student injuries. We assist schools with the unique labor and employment challenges that arise in education, including allegations of discrimination, harassment, or civil rights violations from students or staff. We counsel school administrators on regulatory, risk-management, and compliance issues such as public records and open meetings obligations

Gallagher Sharp’s attorneys are prepared to address the risks and liabilities facing schools, from appearing before boards in public or executive sessions, to marshaling crisis communication and public information resources so that school officials can focus on teaching.